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PRO Small Business Accounting Software - with Receipt Manager

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Do you need a simple yet professional format for sales receipt?

It is customary for every sales activity to be followed by a sales receipt. Sales Receipt app helps you to generate these receipts instantly.You can use the app to issue receipts for both personal and business purposes.

-Simple interface.
-Use the basic version for general sales activities.Include fields like product code, description, quantity, price per unit and amount.
-Use the advanced version for recording transactions in other currencies. Convert the final amount into dollars by specifying the exchange rate.
-Taxes and totals are automatically calculated for you. So there's no extra work. Just add the sales items and the app does the rest.
-Further, you can also add discounts and its value gets automatically included in the total amount.
-Check mark the appropriate box to specify the payment mode.
-Locally save the receipt as a file, and re-use it with minimal changes.
-Simply tap e-mail to send your files to customers instantly and get feedback from them. Alternatively, you can email the receipt to yourself.
-Create and send professional sales receipts on the go.
- Select the receipts for both coloured and coloured printers.

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- print functionality included
Ability to use the app on both android phone and tablet. Please click on device and select tablet or phone depending upon the device you are using.
Addition of subscription feature. Please register and get 30 days subscription free.
Ability to save files to the web. Kindly register and login using the Accounts tab. After login in we would be able to save files to the server and backup data.